22 Megapixel Touchscreen Wall Allows Students to Pwn Noobs in HHHD

Yesterday was a day for robots; today is a day for things that don’t need to exist.

A team of students a the University of Tromsø, Norway, have gone to the trouble of creating the means to play Quake, with their hands, on a wall. This is by no means not awesome, but one has to wonder why. One really, really has to wonder why.

Alright, so really it’s just a proof of concept – there are plenty of reasons for displays this large to exise, and the video below proves that gigapixel photo navigation on a wall like this all but promises to make ‘travel’ a thing of the past.

 Even now, the word is fading from my understanding.

One less reason to leave my bedroom.

…I’m talking about Quake, not giant photos.


[Via University of Tromsø]

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