Amazon, Barnes & Noble Plan eBook Apps For iPad

Amazon and Apple may be actively engaged in an eBook war, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon promising a Kindle eBook app for Apple’s iPad.

Details of Amazon’s iPad land grab first emerged this morning at the New York Times, which also reports Barnes & Noble to be hatching similar plans – releasing new digital readers and stores for the iPad, in addition to those already offered for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Amazon’s Kindle application lets you slowly turn pages with fingers, much like Apple’s own iBooks software. “It also presents two new ways for people to view their entire e-book collection, including one view where large images of book covers are set against a backdrop of a silhouetted figure reading under a tree,” the report said. “The sun’s position in that image varies with the time of day.”

“Tablet computers, including the iPad, are coming and with our free app you’ll be able to read more than 450,000 Kindle books,” Amazon promises on a dedicated Kindle apps for tablet computers page on its website.

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