Analyst Claims Apple Plans iTunes-Happy HDTV

The iPad is just one of a series of futuristic devices Apple plans as it stakes an ever-larger slice of the connected home – expect the company to introduce an Internet and iTunes-connected HDTV.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster (one of the better Apple analysts) says the front room Apple-powered television will sell for “around $2,000” and will ship in “two to four years”.

“Apple is uniquely positioned to deliver a premium all-in-one solution (different than Apple TV),” Munster wrote.

The Mac blogosphere’s been spitting that Apple hopes to offer iTunes TV show subscriptions in future, which, in combination with an Apple-branded, iTunes and Internet-savvy HDTV would potentially eliminate the cable TV market.

Munster argues the future Apple device will replace your entire entertainment center, not just the display – it could even support games sold at the App Store.

We can imagine connecting our iPhone to the device to watch a video we own on the TV set, making entertainment even more portable than DVD.

“An Apple Television would address more than just the HDTV market, as it would likely include audio and video features that could replace the TV itself,” the analyst said.

Via: AppleInsider

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