AT&T To Start Providing Real Phone Service, Only $150 + All Normal Costs

Customers of AT&T will soon be able to buy into an option that makes the phone work the way it’s supposed to, for the one-time low price of $150. It’s called the Microcell–just set up this little baby wherever you happen to be–it supports up to 4 phones at a time and it taps into an existing DSL or Cable connection, becoming its own AT&T mini-tower. (DSL or cable connection not included, AT&T subscription also not included).

This has been in limited rollout for a few months in Raleigh, NC and one or two other cities, but it’s being made available nationally now, and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief of the millions of people locked into contracts, who will now at least be able to use their cells in their own home next to their computers.

Take heart, iPhone users, late last year AppleInsider reported that Verizon may carry iPhones as early as Q3.

VIA: The New York Times

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  • The minitower may be a big help but having the DSL connection not included (and so is connection from other mobile phone service providers) makes me think that it’s not worth buying one.