Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Expensive HDMI Cables

Have you ever been suckered into buying a high-end digital cable? Don’t be ashamed – we’re geeks, right? We want only the best.

But, you now have no reason – like no reason at all – to ever consider spending more than $10 on a cable to connect your Blu-Ray player, cable box or PS3 or Xbox 360 to your TV.

The helpful folks over at have created a handy little graphic flowchart that lets you know not only why never to buy the fancy HDMI cables certain companies sell (*cough* Monster *cough*) but also why doing so robs starving children of food. Sorta’.

The basic gist of the argument is that digital cables either send a signal or don’t – a better cable does nothing to improve image or audio quality. NOTHING. So basically, you should just head to Monoprice or a similar site and buy all your digital cables there. And then, when the sales guy at Best Buy tries to sell you a Monster one, you can laugh at them derisively.

After all, we’re geeks. And we don’t take that kinda’ crap.

Head on over to MintLife to see the full pic.

[Source: MintLife Blog]

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