iPad Launch Games Leaked, Look Awfully Familiar

After a bit clever detective work by the folks over at PadGadget, we now know what games the iPad will be launching with.

You will be shocked to learn – or not – that most of these titles are just upgraded versions of their iPhone counterparts, indicated by an ‘HD’ added at the end – a move now very familiar to users of the PS3 and Xbox 360.

What this means is that developers will, initially at least, likely be upgrading the resolution of existing games, rather than developing new ones. Which, let’s be honest, is kinda’ disappointing. It seems tablets are at least perfect for board games shared between 2 or more people.

In the meantime, probably the most anticipated titles are Plants vs. Zombies HD, Flight Control HD and the strangely addictive Labyrinth 2 HD.

Just one question though – will all of these games on there, how is anyone supposed to read on the thing?

[via: Silicon Alley Insider]

By navneetalang

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