Microsoft Courts the Geek Set With Internet Explorer 9

If you are committed geek, using Internet Explorer is a bit like a fashionista wearing something from last year’s line: it simply isn’t done. But with the release of a preview version of the newest version of Internet Explorer, it looks like Microsoft is looking to shake off its venerable browser’s dusty image and start anew.Though not yet fully functional, the download of Internet Explorer 9 Preview allows interested users a sneak-peek at some of the features and improvements Microsoft is looking to highlight. Probably the most enticing is the increased speed, as IE9 promises to be much smoother and faster from its notoriously clunky predecessors. Other interesting features are support for HTML5, a new technology that promises to deliver better media playback, and increased support for web standards, so that web developers don’t have to tear their hair out to get their sites to work well on Microsoft’s browser.

No mention of a release date yet, but response from the web has been surprisingly positive so far. And who knows? Maybe a day will come when geeks will proudly tell the world that they use IE9. (What? It could happen).

[via: PCWorld]

By navneetalang

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