Microsoft releases three HD webcams

Today Microsoft will be releasing three new HD webcams for Notebooks. Yes, you read that correctly. Now you can skype in High Definition. Better wash your face, and put your make up on because we will now be able to see every blemish, every pimple and every bead of sweat in HD.

This new technology referred as, TrueColor Technology, will allow your face to be properly exposed even in the worst lighting conditions.

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“Microsoft’s new image processing technology analyzes the user’s environment and automatically adjusts the LifeCam settings to provide brighter and more colorful video. It does this through a carefully designed proprietary combination of software and firmware technology to deliver a great experience. To achieve these results, TrueColor Technology includes face tracking technology developed by Microsoft Research, which can detect a person’s face and help ensure it’s not overexposed or underexposed, so the video call picture looks great even in the most challenging lighting scenarios.”

All of these LifeCams feature a 720p HD sensor and Auto Focus. It might be weird to know that you may own a better camera than your local town news channel. If skyping and online video interaction is your thing, maybe this product is designed for you. The HD may be a bit too excessive, but the ability to manage white balance and lighting conditions automatically makes it a ground breaking technology.

Source: Microsoft

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