No More iPhone Damage. Stainless Steel Case is Here.

So you just spent your entire paycheck purchasing an iPhone and what the salesperson told you was “the best plan ever”, now you need to purchase accessories to protect it.

Sure you could choose the black leather case, or maybe you like the pink bedazzled cover, ( I won’t judge you), but if you want to be a “tech-metal-head”, then industrial designer, Ryan Glasgow of Portland, Oregon, has created the case for you.

Using grade 304 stainless steel, Ryan has come up with a design that will tightly secure your iPhone 3G or 3GS. You can now feel safe in your kitchen and match all the appliances. The case includes a flip cover which when closed, will still display the date and time. It may be a little excessive but sleeping at night knowing your precious little iPhone is safe and sound, will now be a little bit easier.

If you can’t deal with the 3.2oz of extra weight, then there is also an aluminum version weighing in at a staggering 1.2oz. If you are interested to drop the $95 and pick one up, you can click HERE to be directed to Ryan’s site and read the purchase information…………….. (ps. Mine is on order.)

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By Jay Perry

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