Pimped-Out Batbus Disregards Common Sense and is Completely Badass Anyway

Students at UT Delft in the Netherlands have done something completely inexplicable. They have built a bus. And what a bus it is.

Featuring an all-carbon-fiber kit, a lowered chassis, twin 800hp electric engines, and not one, not two, not twelve, but sixteen gull wing doors, this bus looks more like a collaboration between Batman and P. Diddy.

But apparently, the students can explain. The concept is all about a new, more casual form of bus transit: passengers could text a pickup time in advance, and after boarding the bus, the quickest route to everyone’s destination would be mapped out via computer.

Sorry guys, that still doesn’t justify the look of this thing.

Coming next week: Spider-cab.

[via Inhabitat]

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