Pong Belt Holds Up Your Pants, Wards Off Romance

Ah Pong – for many among us, it was the game that started a lifelong trend of sitting in dark basements and avoiding human contact in favor of electronic entertainment.

And now, for those rare times you’re actually wearing pants, you can have a belt that helps you relive those memories and aids others in finding reason to make fun of you.

Created by Bare Tree, the Pong belt displays the iconic game on its 1.3″ × 1.75″ buckle and uses a tough cotton webbing for its material.
If Pong isn’t quite geeky enough, you can also get one with the dreaded Windows Blue Screen of Death.

Of course, wearing that belt might suggest something in that area of your body is malfunctioning, so hey: be careful with these with these things, kids. People might get the wrong idea. These and other nerdy belts can be found on Bear Tree’s site on Maker’s Market.

[Source: Slashgear]

By navneetalang

Navneet Alang is a technology-culture writer based in Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @navalang

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