Prop up your iPhone anyway you want with the MoviePeg

One of the newest and SIMPLEST gadgets out there for your Smartphone, is the MoviePeg iPhone dock. Coming in an vast array of colors, it will allow your iPhone to situate almost any way you can imagine.

Just like My Applecore, this is one of those inventions that we shake our head at thinking, “Someone is getting super rich of something as simple as that. Why didn’t I think of it?”.

For those of us who use our iPhone as our alarm clock, now we can actually prop it up on our nightstand instead of it getting lost in our bed. Thanks to the MoviePeg, you can take away that contraption you built using duct tape and lego blocks and prop it up anyway you wish.

According to, they will be releasing a version of this device for the iPad in the near future.

For those worried about it not coming in your color, read this:

How many colours does it come in?

MoviePeg currently comes in six movie inspired colours – Black Rain, Yellow Submarine, Soylent Green, Blue Velvet, Pretty in Pink and Red Dawn.

We will be introducing new colours and limited editions throughout 2010 so please check the site or our Twitter – for news.

If you would like to be kept informed of any MoviePeg news simply fill your details in our contact us page and tick the box for more information.

We would also love to hear what colours you would like to see – let us know via Twitter or the site.

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By Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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