Recording Music Goes Mobile

iPhone fanatic and sound engineer Tom Freeman merged high quality sound recording and mobile tech couture by mastering an entire album on his iPhone.

In the mobile age, it isn’t just web browsing and email that’s going out and about. Tom Freeman’s iMatik is a mix album of electronica and samples, carefully blended together with a percussion track, synthesizer and bassline, all accomplished with a device that fits in his pocket.

Tom says the quality isn’t a million miles away from the capability of a big recording studio, but he was able to work on the album at the beach and in restaurant queues.

Like most music, the result is mostly a question of taste, but there are no obvious giveaways that the sound was created entirely on a device smaller than a CD case. For those looking to give it a try, the apps Freeman used are Beatmaker, iDrum and Flare and Flare Scratch, all available on the iTunes App Store.

After listening to iMatik, it’s simple to envisage a time when you’ll visit a club and instead of turntables or an iPod, the DJ will have two iPads running a developed version of Flare Scratch.

The albums is available at Freeman’s site for $5.

Source: Distorted Loop

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