Shanghai Hosts The Biggest Expo In The World

This is the South Korea Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, designed as a giant display for the Han-geul characters from the Korean alphabet.

The whole thing looks fantastic, and post-show the organizers plan to sell each of the 25,000 panels individually to raise cash for a foundation advocating minority and multiculturalism in Korea.

“Han-geul, the Korean alphabet, is the prime element of ‘signs’ within the pavilion. The overall volume, lifted 7.2m above ground level, is created by converging these Han-geul letters, allowing signs to create the exhibition space, and so that the visitors can experience their geometry through horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements. The primary geometries that compose the Han-geul letters are universal to other cultures, thus acting as a sort of ‘open’ set of signs that is engaging to everyone,” the designers explain.

The Shanghai exhibition – planned to be the largest World Expo in history – opens May 1 and runs until October 31. Take a look at some of the fantastic creations under construction in Shanghai here.

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