The AirStash: A wireless USB flash drive

Portable wireless streaming just got a lot easier. I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this product but as a photographer, I can see numerous ways I could take advantage of it.

The AirStash is basically a USB flash drive containing a built-in SD card slot and has the capability to create its own hotspot and allow wireless file transfers to anyone within Wi-Fi range of it. Its perfect if you want to instantly view your photos on a larger screen such as an iPhone or iPad. It also acts as a drive to store all media, documents and anything you think you might need to transfer wirelessly.

Taken from : “AirStash uses a SD or SDHC card for memory. SDHC cards are available in up to 32GB of capacity. No card is included with the AirStash. Cards larger than 32GB require a new standard (called SDXC) and will be available on the market later in 2010. AirStash does not support these cards today because they use a new type of formatting which is not supported by most software and devices, including many cameras and Mac computers. Once these cards are commonly available, we’ll investigate providing support via a firmware update for the AirStash.”

My hope is that it expands its SD capability to a built-in compact flash card slot. From watching the movie below it seems to have a higher transfer speed than a card reader which would save time when showing photos to clients.

The AirStash sells for $99.99USD and is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

View the video below for a quick AirStash demo using it with an iPhone.

Source: AirStash | CRUNCHGEAR

By Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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