Throw out your remotes and control your electronics with your iPhone

Jay Perry March 30 Apple

As we sit back and watch Apple slowly try and take over the world, it doesn’t help that application developers are quickly assisting their efforts.

I’ll make a prediction that in ten years time, somehow the iPhone will be able to drive your car. This way you can sit at home, drive your new Apple electric car to the Apple grocery store, have an Apple grocery store employee fill your car with food, and drive it back home. All while watching Apple TV through your MacBook.

Does it seem far fetched? Who knows, but five years ago, I didn’t think I would be able to control my household electronics with my cell phone.

The intelligent people at have developed at plug-and-play device that attaches directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch and turns it into a universal learning remote. There is no need for extra batteries or a Wi-Fi connection. It is relatively priced at $69.95 and a great stocking stuffer or present for yourself.

This plug-and-play IRB1 accessory and its associated iTunes application instantly turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal learning remote control that can control virtually any infrared device – TV, Cable Box, stereo system and more – at home or on the go.

We all are always within two feet of our cell phones, so why not eliminate the remote for the surround sound, the remote for the television, and the remote for the DVD player (or if you still have VHS….. get into the 90’s). Never again will you miss another important phone call because you were distracted by selecting a bonus feature on a Star Wars re-released DVD. On that note, Apple, hurry up and make my iPhone turn into a real light saber.

The upside for this device is it will be hard to lose. Gone are the days rummaging through our couch cushions for a lost remote or asking your spouse what they did with it (because obviously it’s their fault). Now we can just call our remote. Seems weird. Dial your phone from another phone and bam… you hear the remote, ringing from your back pocket the whole time.

Just one warning…… When out of the house, don’t lose your phone. You wouldn’t want strangers changing your channels.

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Written by Jay Perry

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