Twittering Robot Ready to Tell World What It had for Lunch


Plants that tweet when they need water? That’s so two years ago, man. No, the future is a much more exciting place where, as this video shows, a robot can snap a picture, upload it to Twitpic and then tell the world all about it on Twitter, simply by using a touch sensor attached to its front. What’s more, the whole thing is controlled by Nokia’s latest smartphone, the N900. It’s a brave new world, people.

The experimental and vaguely terrifying project is all part of Nokia’s PUSH N900 MOD IN THE USA program, which aims to promote the N900 and its open-source Maemo with “uber-skilled designers, artists, hackers and modders creating objects we can’t even imagine” – a pretty accurate description, because I couldn’t imagine a twittering robot.

You can follow the project and the exploits of its creator here on the Nokia’s PUSH site, to make no mention of the other hacks like a bike dashboard or system for controlling  a slot car.

[via: MAKE]

By navneetalang

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