Will electricity fade out too? Power your portable devices with a USB connection

We’ve all been stuck in a situation using our laptops in a Wi-Fi hotspot only to look at our battery life and see 5% left. In a panic, we quickly scan the area for an electrical outlet only to realize you are outdoors or forgot your plug at home.

RCA has introduced this amazing technology that will power your portable device using USB.

The only thing you need, is to be able to connect to Wi-Fi and it will turn that signal into power for your device.

Imagine charging your laptop, cellphone or MP3 player on the go. Just leave a charged RCA AirPower in your pocket and never have to worry again.

Pricing has yet to come out on this product but I will be sure to pick one up.

Source: UberGizmo

Written by Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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