Yet Another Thing a Robot Can Do Better than You: Art

Not to come off as a robotics nut, but I’m not letting this one get away and sleeping comfortably tonight. I’m just not. This is amazing, much to my own chagrin.

This robot knows how to draw. And I don’t mean it’s a glorified printer – it actually knows how to draw.

Patrick Tesset and Frederic Fol have been developing the Aikon Project over the last six years, the aim of which is to give a robot the soul of an artist – complete with style, interpretation, and aesthetic judgment.

The more Aikon II draws, the more it learns, and the more it can artistically extrapolate.
 And the more it can eventually threaten to put illustrators out of business.

Yeah, THANKS, guys.

Wanna see it in action? Of course you do.


[Via Singularity Hub]

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