A Concept Car That Brings Balance to the Force

I seem to focus on concept vehicles a lot, both produced and still on paper – but who can blame me? There’s no shortage of mondo rides being designed, and each one is generally even cooler than the last.

Besides, I think some sort of new phone or something is being released tomorrow; someone’s gotta post something fresh, and bring balance to the frenzy. May as well be me. …Pun intended.

Antonio Sunjerga is a designer who clearly has seen Star Wars: A New Hope a few too many times. Looking an awful lot like Luke Skywalker’s land speeder, the gyroscopic ‘TAA’ concept makes you ponder exactly how this thing could possibly handle speed bumps, let alone what the hell ‘TAA’ stands for.

At least you’d never back over, like, a puppy or anything. That’s a relief.

[Via Yanko Design]

By tydunitz

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