‘Aircruise’ Concept Brings Airships Out of the Dark Ages

Anyone here a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise? Isn’t it cool, how they’re always travelling the globe in those big, grandiose airships? Doesn’t it just bleed ‘epic’? Ever since that Hindenburg incident, we’ve kind of let airship tech go, haven’t we?

But Seymourpowell is working on bringing airships back, and frankly they’re looking better than ever.

Much has changed in the last half-century, and by the amount of research SP is doing into materials and technologies, we could see these hydrogen-powered obelisks in our skies sooner than later. Which would. Be. Awesome.

Here’s a quick peek at the concept redefining some skylines. It’s a pretty romantic video – I’d vote for these even if they were diesel-powered. They’re just so beautiful.

…Good thing I’m not an industrial designer!


[Seymourpowell, via Dornob]

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