Apple Files Patent for Electronic Concert Tix that Work With iTunes

Afraid of losing your concert tickets before the show? Apple has an app for that in the works.

Apple has just come out with a detailed patent for a new application that will allow customers with an iPhone to buy concert tickets. The application may be called “Concert Ticket+”, according to the patent filing, and it works with Apple and iTunes to get rid of paper tickets.

The application is designed to improve the process of buying tickets and will offer access to live recording of concerts you have attended, to theme parks and other big events. It will also let you know of any upcoming concerts that are happening in your area. This new application will also keep track of what you listen to on iTunes and send you updates on when that artist or similar artists will be in the area.

Customers can save their tickets on their iPhones to be used at a concert. By using NFC (near field communications) with RFID tags, this would let iPhones and other devices be used to approve entry into shows.

Source: Gadget Venue

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