Apple Fourth-Generation iPhone to Possibly be Revealed in June 2010

On June 7, 2010, Apple Inc is set to host their annual developers conference. It is anticipated that during this year’s conference, the newest version of the massively popular iPhone will be revealed.

The conference was announced today and we’ve learned that it will run through until June 11, 2010, in San Francisco, CA.

Apple’s Chief Executive, Steve Jobs, has spoken at previous conferences except for last year when he was dealing with medical issues and marketing head Phil Schiller took his place. A rep for Apple declined to comment on who this years keynote speaker would be.

At last year’s conference, the third-generation iPhone was revealed. It was on the market a mere two weeks after it’s announcement and those who are already interested in getting their hands on a fourth-generation iPhone (a.k.a. a lot of people..) are hopeful of the same outcome for this year. Analysts predict a release later into the summer.

AT&T is the official provider for the iPhone in the US but analysts believe that Apple will shift to the No. 1 provider, Verizon, in 2011.

Predictions for the new iPhone include the possibility of a front-facing camera, better battery life and maybe an updated processor. We’ll have to wait until the big reveal happens and until then, the world awaits the fourth-generation iPhone with bated breath.

[As Reported By: Reuters]

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