Apple Inc. Heading Towards Middle Age

34 years ago today, two straggly hippies with a dream setup shop in a garage in Palo Alto, California. Skip forward to 2010 and Apple Inc. is one of the most innovative, successful companies in Silicon Valley.

It’s been a rocky road at times, but no one can deny that having one of the most enigmatic and driven CEOs at the helm has been a huge plus for the tech giant.

Between the dark days in the 90s under John Scully to the modern era of iWonder, Apple is a company that has truly earned it’s place in history.

No longer simply a computer company, Apple changed from being ‘Apple Computer’ in 2007 to ‘Apple Inc.’, most likely reflecting its desire to operate in the fields of music and media.

Some say the success of the iPod has merely ridden the success of it’s iPod creation, others believe the company has found a recipe for success, a formula which it has employed with great success for the iPhone and will repeat with the iPad.

Happy Birthday, Apple. May your iDays continue well into middle age.

Source: TUAW

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