Best Buy Gets With Barnes and Noble to Sell Nook eReader

Best Buy has announced that it will be teaming up with the popular company Barnes & Noble and releasing the Nook ereader next week on April 18, 2010. The Nook will be available in Best Buy stores.

The Nook is similar to the Kindle, which was designed and developed by and has seen major success since it’s debut in 2009. Barnes & Noble describes that using the Nook ereader is a better reading experience. The device has 2GB of storage and holds up to 1,500 eBooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers.

Without the clutter of actually housing the bulky items, readers can browse over one million book titles that are available to order and B & N offer sample eBooks for free. The Nook is small & sleek and completely portable – it has a full-color touchscreen and the E Ink display is easy to read.

According to this article, The Nook is the first e-book reader that is Android-powered. B & N claims to have chosen Android as the Nook’s power source because, “it’s an open platform with a large developer community and that future apps are a possibility.”

The Nook was designed with a 3G wireless connection. B & N initially announced that accessing the Internet would only be possible in their stores but later revealed that the wireless connection would work on other networks.

Check out Best Buy on April 18, 2010 if you are looking to add another eReader to your collection.

[Source: Barnes & Noble]

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