Bird Watching: Profiling Fellow Twitterers

If you’re one of the many people who simply don’t get Twitter, this might help: BitRebels provides a rundown on the different kinds of tweets and twitterers.

The seven type of twitters are Content Providers, Twitter DJs, Retweeters, Time And Weather tweeters, Quotes and Inspiration posters, Help Tweeters and Conversationalists.

The first are the kind who are posting new information, responsible for new trending topics and retweet fodder. Twitter DJs are those who use Twitter to spread music and information about music, Retweeters are those who only ever re-post other people’s tweets, time and weather tweeters mainly inform about time and weather in their region.

Quoters and Inspiration posters and there to motivate us when we’re feeling down, Help tweeters are there for tech support and assistance and conversationalists are the kinds who chatter back and forth with friends and celebs.

My least favourite kind of Twitterer is the retweeter – post nothing but other people’s stuff and I’ll most likely unfollow you in short order.

According to the list, I’m a Conversationalist and Help Tweeter. How about you?

Source: BitRebels

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