Blu-Ray Format Now Competing With… uh… Itself

The good news: Blu-Ray has released a new format standard, bumping the capacity of a single disc up to a brainbusting 128gigs! Now maybe Avatar and its features will fit on a single disc after all.

The bad news: The new format doesn’t work on your current Blu-Ray player. Looks like it’s time to upgrade again. Maybe.

Right now, you can cool your jets – the new format is strictly being released to the pro sector, for those who require high-capacity storage options. But every new storage medium begins that way, and it’s likely only a matter of time before we see lonely current-gen Blu-Ray players sitting on the curb.

But considering Blu-Ray has been the standard for less than two years, that time may still be a little ways off.

And I still only own Lord of the Rings on VHS.

And it’s STILL higher quality than the Blu-Ray edition.

[Via Tested]

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