Blu-Ray Players Use Apple Devices as Remote Controls

Pioneer announced their new line of Blu-ray players yesterday. These new models are exactly the same as older versions, except for one new detail. The new line is now able to be controlled with an app on your iPhone orĀ  iPod Touch.

Along with Pioneer’s free iControlAV app, users can connect to their network and control the device’s many functions. This new feature is basically the same as using a remote control, but with a modern twist. Remotes get lost in the couch or deprogrammed. Having this app as a back-up might be a good idea when you’re too lazy to get up and manually change the channels.

If being able to control movies from the touch of an iPhone or iPod interests you, the BDP-330 sells for around $230 and the BDP-LX53 starts at $800. Both models are said to be available for purchase sometime next month.

[Source: Pioneer & Dvice]

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