Brailect Opens up All Books for Visually Impaired

This futuristic-looking device is the Brailect. It is designed to be worn on the hand/arm and fits almost like a glove. It allows users to translate any text into Braille and the device even has a feature to turn text into audio. This concept is a great idea because even though books are now made in Braille, the number of publications available are limited.

After doing some research, the difference between regular books and versions in Braille is significantly different. Regular text books are available absolutely everywhere but Braille versions are a lot harder to find. Most are sold through specialty shops or online, which can lead to some pretty steep shipping costs.

With your own Brailect, reading options are endless for the visually impaired and probably well worth the investment. The price for the device has not yet been released but if you think about all of the costs associated with buying and shipping books, the Brailect will probably pay for itself.

[Source: Ubergizmo]

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