Cute? It’s Un-bear-able!

Big brother has been watching us all for some time, but Big Brother Bear is a step too far. As creepy and insidious as Teddy Ruxpin was, this obnoxious invention by Fujitsu at least has good intentions.

By using a video camera built into the bear’s nose, teddy is able to recognize facial movement and expressions and respond accordingly.

There are a few practical applications for a teddy bear that is always watching you, such as “entertaining and soothing” the elderly and encouraging quiet children to come out of their shell.

“We just want it feel natural”, said one Fujitsu researcher, who is apparently unaware of the uncanny valley, a scientific hypothesis that states that the more realistic and natural a robot appears, the stronger the reaction of repulsion from human beings.

There is a missed opportunity here though. With a gun barrel built into it’s paws or feet, the unit could double as a home security device.

Source: Slash Gear

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