Device with Silly Name Attempts to Redefine Virtual Reality

I’m not big on the whole 3D scene. Trying to fit awkward glasses over my regular ones isn’t exactly comfortable. Likewise, virtual reality is something I’m not too keen on (two words: Virtual Boy).

But this, I like.

The pCubee (yes, that’s “PEE-kyoo-bee”) is a new spin on an…uh…’old classic’. By utilizing five LCD screens strapped to a plastic cube and sensors worn on the head (think of your Wii, but backwards), the pCubee displays an interactive 3D diorama ‘inside’ the cube. The University of British Columbia, whose team designed this thing, are calling it FTVR, for Fish Tank Virtual Reality.


Screw 3DTV, can you imagine having one of these as a 46-inch obelisk in the middle of your living room? Perhaps playing, like, a UFC fight on the inside? I hope we see more of this technology, because it’s totally rad.


[Via Singularity Hub]

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