Doctors Monitor Pregnancy With Smartphones

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There are some pretty awesome phone features and apps out there lately but it doesn’t seem like much can top AirStrip Technologies new way of tracking pregnant women and their babies using Smartphones and

Nurses notes regarding the patient and other important information is available for doctors. Having their patient’s history off-hand is a very useful tool and could prevent potential misdiagnoses.

AirStrip is working on a new concept that is currently awaiting FDA approval. ‘Critical Care,’ will potentially be able to send ventilator flow tracings, rhythm strips and patients vital signs. Another idea in the works is, ‘Cardiology,’ which would forward data such as EKG results, ventilator pressure measurements and arterial pressure monitoring, among other important information. The options are endless and having this type of technology available is an invaluable tool.

“At Memorial Hermann, we are convinced that AirStrip OB is a huge advance in patient safety and quality of care and we expect it to become the standard of care for obstetrics in the United States,” said Barbara Durham of System Executive Risk Management – Memorial Hermann Hospital System, Houston Texas.

Durham is only one of many in the medical field who are highly impressed by the new technology. Visit AirStrip’s website to view many more personal feelings on the AirStrip OB along with their other innovative ideas.

[Source: Physorg & AirStrip Technologies & Youtube]

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