Even Apple are Sick of the iPad, Will Show Off OS 4.0 on Thursday

Thank God! Finally, we can talk about something else Apple other than the iPad! Even though the tablet just launched to a veritable torrent of reporting, Apple have said that we’ll get a sneak-peek at the next generation of their mobile operating system at 10am, April 8th at Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

The big rumor for months now has been the arrival of the ability to multitask. The lack of multitasking has often been seen as a significant knock against the iPhone – and now the iPad – so it’s possible Apple will be looking to address those concerns. Other rumors have included an improved maps application and the ability to add contacts to the home screen.

Of course, all the buzz so far has suggested that multitasking would come in conjunction with new hardware to support the increased strain on the device; yet t seems unlikely Apple will announce a new iPhone this week. It seems plausible then that the update will only be available to users of the 3GS and whatever new model arrives this year – the original iPhone and the 3G both share the same slower CPU.

[Source: Moconews]

By navneetalang

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