Go Vook Yourself, Man

I’m not going to make a joke about how nobody reads books anymore. But I might end up making some jokes about how nobody’s going to read Vooks, either.

What’s a Vook? I thought you’d never ask. No, it’s not a big sweaty Slavic man cursing through his moustache.

The posted video describes the Vook experience as…well, basically, an experience. ‘Vook weaves together content from incredible writers and professionally shot and edited videos by filmmakers,’ says Yahoo News about the technology.

…Right. ‘Weaving’. ‘Blending’. ‘Seamlessly integrating two mediums’. Um, is it just me, or is this just text with a video playing next to it? AND I have to start and stop the video myself? I dunno, I already get that kind of entertaining text-and-video interplay from Youtube comments.

We’ll have to see how Vook pans out, but I don’t think Kindle’s going to get vooked up any time soon.


[Via Trendhunter]

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