Good News! No One Will Freeze to Death This Summer

Just in time for those frigid, icy summer days, designer Allan George has come up with a simply brilliant way to fend off August frostbite: the Alveo Heating Stone.

In the interest of keeping you warm during that ghastly cold beach trip this August, the Alveo’s design uses friction of real stones to create and slowly dissipate heat.

Could an idea like this have been touched upon sooner? Y’know, rubbing two rocks together to create warmth? Yeah, probably, but that’s the brilliant thing about good industrial design – the greatest, simplest ideas sometimes (read: almost always) get overlooked.

All wrong-time-of-year jokes aside, this is a brilliant design, and deserves all the propers it can get. Would you like to see my propers, George? Here are my propers.

[Via DesignBlog]

By tydunitz

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