iTunes Makes Facebook Connect Connection

iTunes keeps cosying-up to Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Now it seems Apple plans to support Facebook Connect, enabling a wave of networking opportunities for music fans.

Apple has been promoting iTunes through Facebook for ages. Its UK iTunes Festival last year offered free tickets, music and other promotions to customers via Facebook, and in the US the iTunes team have been developing its own Facebook presence, adding polls, featured items and more.

Integration between Facebook and iTunes already lets you share songs on iTunes via Facebook, though this only lets you tell your mates you want a track, it doesn’t extend to playlist sharing or anything particularly functional as yet.

We’re thinking Apple’s recent acquisition of streaming music service, suggests even better Facebook integration in future as Apple moves iTunes into the clouds to deliver streaming music services. We’d like to share our iTunes music playlists with our friends through Facebook, for example. Now it seems we haven’t long to wait.

Via: TechCrunch

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