Knitting Without Needles With Wind Power

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If you’ve ever made an attempt to learn how to knit you’ll know that while it’s rewarding to create something from your own two hands, it’s also slow and can be painful for your fingers. With this futuristic piece designed by

Once the wool is threaded into the machine, the wind goes to work and socks, slippers and scarves are finished in a very short period of time. Wind isn’t used to create any sort of electrical current to be used to power the device, it simply spins the gears to create warm wearables.

Just think of all the amazing things wind-powering could be used for. Wind-powered TVs or even the Internet? The idea may seem hard to grasp but we’ll probably be amazed by what the future has in store for technology.

[Source: Core 77 & Merel Karhof]

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