Lagerfeld Lamps Pay Tribute to Fashion Icon

Black sunglasses, stiff white collars and pinstriped neckties scream Karl Lagerfeld so much, that designer Dzmitry Samal decided to pay homage to the fashion icon who is popular worldwide with some fabulous lamps.

Lagerfeld’s signature style was used to inspire the design for the one-of-a-kind lamp, which is sleek and classic and instantly recognizable. The minimalistic piece only features a small power button at the base of the lamp, which is made of both plastic and metal.

Samal, a contemporary designer, has chosen a great way to create a tribute to Lagerfeld’s style and his long career in the fashion world. Lagerfeld was born in Germany and now lives in Paris, France and is the head designer for the hugely popular fashion house, Chanel. The icon is also the creative director for Fendi.

There is no estimated release date of the Karl Lamp but keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be able to have a piece of the fashion icon for your home or office.

[Source: LoveCoolest & Samal Design]

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