LinkedIn Gets Little More Like Facebook


Some may affectionately know LinkedIn as “Facebook for suits” in some quarters, but somehow the service has managed to keep growing within its business and professionally-focused segment. Now the social service has introduced a bevy of new sharing features for users.

LinkedIn is likely aiming to ensure its users can now use the service to share news and information pertinent to their business interests, just like Facebook, though perhaps a little easier to explain to the boss. After all, it is business-related…

Eight in all, the new features include the addition of image and article excerpts, link re-sharing and a new short URL:

One change involves your status updates – pop a link in and hit the ‘attach a link’ dialogue and it it will automatically deliver an image and an article excerpt, just like Facebook does.

You also gain much better control over who gets to see your posts, get to reshare posts and more.

Via: Mashable

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