Meet The World’s Most Stressful Spa Chair

If there’s one problem we all face today, it’s a lack of connectivity. It’s almost impossible to get any time on the internet, mostly due to a lack of available gadgets and gizmos, and that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing this invention become a reality.

Meet the Galatea Spa Chair. If the one thing that was putting you off that trip to the spa was the idea of going low-tech for the day, get your stomach ulcer medication out: The spa just got a little more hardcore.

The Galatea Spa Chair features a wraparound visor ‘laser screen’ that can be used as an e-reader or monitor, and has built in massage functions, for those who want a little relaxation while their blood pressure skyrockets as they watch their JooJoo stocks tumble in price.

The chair has yet to be put into production, but lets hope it makes it to reality – it is so very hard to stay connected in the modern world.

Source: Dvice

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