Mirror Mirror, On My Keyboard..

Nerds are a funny bunch – we don’t like daylight or exercise, or girls, for that matter. But we’re a growing demographic, and as the market grows there will obviously be some watering down of our key characteristics. Nerds who care about their appearance, embrace the great outdoors and associate willingly with the opposite sex are now commonplace, and with them comes some inevitable personality traits.

This product is certainly aimed at the narcissistic nerd. Minebea Co wants nerds to care more about their appearance, and is taking active steps to help with their ‘Cool Leaf’ keyboard. Completely flat and with an entirely reflective surface, you’ll finally get to see exactly how crushed you were when that cluster bomb nailed you during an online Call of Duty session.

With trendy looks and no cracks to spill your Mountain Dew: Code Red between, the Cool Leaf range still has tech goodness oozing out of it’s gold-plated USB connector. With electrostatic capacity type touch, load sensors and light guide plate-type backlighting, you’ll be.. typing away to your hearts content.

Source: Trend Hunter

By tobyleftly

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