Netflix Coming to the iPad: Things Just Got Interesting

Let’s face it: the iPad hype is starting to reach a fevered pitch in anticipation of its April 3rd launch. But even those who yawned – or laughed – when Apple announced the product might now have a reason to be excited: Netflix streaming is coming.

Yep – it may not have Flash, but the iPad now has access to one of the best, and certainly the most famous streaming service around as Netflix have announced that an app will be available on the App Store in time for the iPad’s launch this Saturday.

The application will essentially be a mobile version of the Netflix Instant Watch available on PCs, Macs and home consoles. What’s more impressive is that as far as we know, it will be free to anyone who already has a Netflix subscription. Sweet. A report from Appadvice show screenshots and it looks pretty slick.

In a sense, the arrival of this app seems to answer some questions as to the purpose of the device: instead of a laptop burning your thighs, imagine chilling on a couch watching a movie on your iPad, or catching up on a TV show in bed. Suddenly the iPad has gotten a whole lot more enticing.

[Source: FastCompany]

By navneetalang

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