No. Fracking. Way. This Battlestar Galactica Car is Street Legal

This formal US Postal Service Jeep has been transformed into a contraption that the most hardened fighter jock could climb into after a night of gambling and hard drinking of ambrosia in the pilot’s mess. Yes, Dean Shorey, the master ride mechanic for Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, NY has created a vehicle that may actually make a hardened geek cry more than a silver Delorian.

And it’s street legal. STREET LEGAL. You can drive this baby on the motherfracking highway. It uses a Chevy engine block and features a cassette deck, appropriate low-tech for the “no networked computers on MY SHIP” life. No air conditioning, though, so its bound to get a little hot when entering orbit.

Source: Jalopnik

Written by Angela West

Copywriter by day, Angela's ultimate dream is to open a Fallout-themed pub featuring authentic Squirrel on a Stick and wait staff with Pip-Boys.

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