Obnoxious LED Liquor Bottles

It’s shocking that it’s taken this long for someone to think of this, but here it is – obnoxious LED advertising has arrived, and it surely won’t be long before the shelves of every store has glinting and flashing messages begging you to purchase them.

Mercifully, the tiny batteries in these devices currently max out at around 40 hours, so it may be some time before this is commercially viable for every single product in every single store.

Realistically, this “innovation” will most likely be used to add a personalized message to the bottle to be given as a gift.

The practical implications of this are pretty far reaching though – a bottle that warns you to only have one or two if you’re driving would be just the beginning. How about junk food that has flashing warnings about cholesterol and blood pressure? This invention could take the fun out of almost anything..

Source: Dvice

By tobyleftly

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