Paramount Teams Up With Seagate to Get a Little more Kirk and Spock into Your Life

In an attempt to get everyone interested in the Vulcan life, Paramount Pictures announced that they will be teaming up with Seagate Technology to sell hard drives with a copy of the newest version of “Star Trek” already installed onto the device.

Paramount and Seagate are offering the 500 gigabyte hard drive special for one month only and units will sell for $100, whereas an empty drive would normally have a price tag of almost $150.

The hard drives include 20 additional well-known titles such as “GI Joe” and “Nacho Libre,” and each require a code to unlock them, at $10 to $15 each. The extra films take up around 50 GB of storage on the device and are unable to be shared with others through file sharing. “Star Trek” is the only free movie included with this offer.

Some potential buyers are skeptical about the offer and about paying even $100 for an empty hard drive, which is high in price compared to other devices of similar size and capacity. It’s questionable whether buyers will actually want to purchase the 20 movies at an extra price and then face the hassle of removing them and freeing up space.

Both Seagate Technology and Paramount declined to comment on whether each company would be taking a loss in revenue because of the promotional offer. The special offer is an attempt to try and resurrect the slow market of DVD sales, especially with the increasing amount of movies pirated off the Internet nowadays.

[Source: Yahoo News]

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