Pixelated Characters Take Over The World!

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcv6dvMama always said video games were going to ruin the next generation – and now look what’s happened!

In this delightful short film by One More Productions, a cloud of pixels is released from a old rundown TV and form into a series of well-known video game icons and characters. As if you needed to ask, they then proceed to then wreak  a great deal of highly enjoyable havoc.

What’s worse, they turn half the things they touch into more pixels! Disaster!

If you have even the slightest sense of nostalgia for the video games of your youth, you will probably love this video.

[Source: Geek Sugar]

Written by Navneet Alang

Navneet Alang is a technology-culture writer based in Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @navalang

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  • James

    This is the 20th fucking time I’ve stumbled on this