Robot Legs For Paraplegics

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An Israeli company has developed a remote control, robotic exoskeleton to allow paraplegics to walk again. Advances in technology have made this sci-fi dream a reality, and moves the medical community one step closer to being able to replace limbs and create completely bionic humans.

Dr. Amit Goffer is responsible for developing the system, which attaches to the user’s legs and torso and essentially replaces all body support for the legs. Unlike other similar systems, it does not rely on picking up signals from nerve endings or muscle movement. Instead it is triggered by the user leaning forward to walk, with a remote control arm strap to control more complex such as moving up and down steps.

One question raised is the always problematic battery life. Since the system essentially carries the entire users’ body weight, it is unlikely that a full day could be squeezed from power packs small enough to be mobile.

Lee Majors would be proud today. The techniques pioneered on him over three decades ago are finally reaching genuine mainstream reality. “We can rebuild him, we have the technology!”.

Source: Singularity Hub

Written by Toby Leftly

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