Save Money; Save The Planet With Fujitsu's Power Strip

Even if you’re uncertain where you stand in the green debate, rising electricity bills alone should be enough to get you interested in Fujitsu Lab’s latest product, a power consumption monitoring power strip.

What it does: It works just like any other power strip carrying plug sockets for up to four electrical devices. What it does that other systems don’t do is offer real time measurement of electrical energy output at each outlet to help you assess how much electricity each device uses.

The idea is that by providing information like this home and business users will find it easy to pay attention to just how much electricity they are using (or losing). The notion is that you also get to keep a handle on just how much energy you are wasting.

Each outlet is equipped with a power sensor which can measure up to 2,000Watts of use. Data is shared via a USB port carried on the strip.

The company has yet to commit to launching the system.

Via: Tech-On

Written by Jon Edwards

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