Shawarma Slicing Robot Built for Safety First, World Domination Second

[youtube][/youtube]If you’ve ever wandered the streets of Berlin or Munich, then you know that shwarmas (or doners as they call them) are a kind of big deal there. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that German company Alkadur has invented a robot for cutting those delicious chunks of flesh that make for some of the world’s tastiest street food.

The robot uses a combination of a pressure sensor, a robotic arm and a razor sharp blade to safely slice and collect tasty meat shavings for your enjoyment. Beyond safety, the robot can obviously work all day for very little cost – 10 Euros a day – and doesn’t have to stop take bathroom breaks or talk to its girlfriend on the phone.

Of course, though it isn’t at all fair, hearing someone with a German accent talk about the beneifts of a robot that VERKS WIVOUT HOOMAN INTERVENTION¬† makes it easy to conjure up Terminator-esque images of robot domination. Pretty sure that’s just my imagination though. I think.

[Source: Singularity Hub]

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