Solar Charger Just Might Be More Useful Than iPad For Developing World

Going strictly by the chatter on the North American web,  you’d be forgiven for thinking the iPad is going to save the world. But there are also, oh, about a couple of billion people around who, instead of thinking about how the iPad is going to revolutionize media, can’t rely on having small, insignificant luxuries like water and constant electricity.

That’s kind of a big deal if you want to do something radical like charging your cell phone, a device that is often a lifeline not just for individuals but sometimes for whole villages.

That’s why the Solar Pebble seems like such a step in the right direction. The device is designed by UK-based Plus Minus Solar and, though it also works as a lamp, can be used to charge small devices like a cellular phone. It can also be carried or propped up on a stand in order to get maximum exposure to the sun.

It is expected to launch this summer.

[Source: DVICE

By navneetalang

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